Online American Arthritis Foundation Regenerative Orthopedic Certification Program

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Introducing the Online American Arthritis Foundation Regenerative Orthopedic Certification Program - your key to unlocking unparalleled mastery in patient care

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  • Dive deep into intensive, transformative training.

  • Stand out with an American Arthritis Foundation Certification - not just a title, but a testament to your unmatched prowess in orthopedics.

  • Integrate cutting-edge treatments that ensure results, making your practice the go-to hub for orthopedic care.The Spotlight on You:Upon graduation, the stage is all yours.

    Shine in the limelight as you:

  • Share your journey and expertise on the AAF Podcast - reaching thousands of eager listeners.

  • Become a beacon for patients as you’re spotlighted on the Certified Provider Locator.


Months from now, you will feel the joy and fulfillment as patients trust you, not just for your credentials, but for the life-altering recovery you offer. Envision your calendar booked solid, with individuals choosing YOU for their care.

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8-Week Online Program

  • Week 1

    Introductory Orthobiologics: An overview of orthobiologics, encompassing platelet-rich plasma, stem cells, and more.

  • Week 2

    Musculoskeletal Ultrasound: Learn to scan musculoskeletal structures for various interventional procedures.

  • Week 3

    Pathophysiology of Arthritis and Evidence-Based Interventions: Dive deep into the causes of arthritis and evidence-based treatment methods.

  • Week 4

    Lab Measurements for Biologic Products & Viability Studies: Acquire skills on lab setup, product preparation, and interpretative skills for regenerative products.

  • Weeks 5-6

    Live Injection Demonstrations for Intra-Articular Approach: A blend of lectures and live injections shown on anatomic models, including procedures for the:Ankle, Foot, Elbow, Wrist, Hand, Knee, Hip, Shoulder, and Spine

  • Weeks 7-8

    Targeted Learning for Specific Body Parts: Live demonstrations with ultrasound for:Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Ankle, Foot, Elbow, Hand/Wrist, and Spine.

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  • Certification Requirements:

    Active Medical License (RN, APRN, MD, DO, DPM)

    Adherence to the application process.

    Successfully passing the Basic Course with a score of 70% or above.

    Successfully passing the Advanced Course with a score of 70% or above.

    Note: All sessions, including live lectures and demonstrations, will be conducted online, offering participants the flexibility to learn from the comfort of their homes.


The American Arthritis Foundation Regenerative Orthopedic Fellowship is proud to present its exclusively online educational program, meticulously designed to offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and live demonstrations. Upon successful completion, participants will be eligible for a certification exam. This program isn't a substitute for other board exams but rather an enhancement, equipping participants with in-depth knowledge of percutaneous orthopedics.


The American Arthritis Foundation (AAF) will establish a Certification Committee comprising healthcare professionals. This committee guarantees that all aspects, from the certification process to the exam content, meet rigorous standards.

Certification Committee

Engaging in regular virtual meetings, this committee plays a pivotal role in crafting the Certification Program, scrutinizing course materials, and ensuring fairness and accuracy in examination procedures.

Continuing Education Hours

Successful completion of Basic and Advanced levels will reward participants with Continuing Medical Education Credits.

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